10+ Charging Tricks to Keep Your Phone’s Performance Fast

10+ Charging Tricks to Keep Your Phone’s Performance Fast, Touching ignores fast charging, yes. It says that fast charging can reduce battery life and generate more heat than regular charging. It’s not completely true.

Really, the point is, fast charging doesn’t supply energy beyond the maximum limit . Well, it’s a matter of heat, so this way the phone will always heat up even if you paint it this way.

normal But you should not use a fast charger every time high voltage and excessive heat can damage your gadget consume cellphone power to 0% you should not empty the cellphone battery and then repaint it to 100% according to experts the best range is 20 to 90% if you want the battery lasts longer if you drain the battery often, you can charge it, the material inside can be damaged, it can even cause battery corrosion.

10+ Best Charging Tricks to Keep Your Phone’s Performance Fast

Hi using any charger, it’s a big mistake if you think all chargers are the same, you should use an original charger with some cables or an ad The asphalt charger does look as good as the original, even the charging time is almost the same, but the possibility of this different voltage can damage your gadget besides that asphalt chargers usually don’t provide any protection from power surges charging cellphones in cafes or other public places,

you know, you won’t know if the speakers are damaged or the voltage doesn’t match Besides that, data piracy via the port is a big problem in public places if you need to charge your cellphone in public. Never use a USB port, other people can steal your personal data, especially when the port’s ability is sometimes not so good, it’s best to go out without bringing a powerbank.

under this thing when you go out of the house yes powerbanks are much safer than electric plugs in public places just make sure the electric current matches most modern smart phones use 2.1 amperes of power and most powerbanks have power between 2.1 to 2.4 amperes so 100% safe make sure the phone Science doesn’t overheat when it’s being charged.

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If the battery overheats, the charging becomes less effective, use a power-saving application, some mobile phone users use it so that they don’t have to bother charging their cellphones for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, this application just wastes energy and has a hobby of closing other applications, uh, how to play Barbarian lol most applications don’t drain the battery when active in the background, actually the culprit for power-saving applications is only the process of tips such as GPS or background music that really drains the battery whether you use it or not.

the power in the car is usually lower than the power required by the cell phone low power USB port So the power in your gadget may run out faster while the port doesn’t like it enough other than the cable and your battery will damage your phone hard to charge the rental car is even worse again, because you don’t know exactly who used the pot before, as well as the port at the station plus on the train in these places,

the problem of data theft also occurs when we charge our cellphones overnight, we all must have done it, right? you have a charger Yes it will automatically stop charging once it is fully charged But when the number decreases by a certain percentage the charger will charge it again and this process will continue until you wake up and then unplug it just like lead acid batteries lithium-ion batteries are less able to handle a fully charged charge or until 0% Besides that, it’s dangerous to charge at night,

most fires occur at night and a broken charger can actually be the reason for using your cellphone while charging, uh, don’t do three , then your battery can be confused, it’s been hard to take a power supply instead it is taken by the application you use me finally the charger will recharge again just like that until Eid this small cycle horse makes the battery tired and shortens its life ideally turn off your gadget while it’s charging if it’s still on, at least don’t use your cellphone,

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don’t take off your cellphone case when charging, it’s really not important, but it’s really important but It’s also not recommended that the phone case traps heat so that the whole charging process is less effective for the same reason don’t put your phone under the pillow if you’re having bad luck your phone can burn see

Yes if you can’t sleep without your phone set a timer to turn off the media and it’s best to put it down dynacast so your phone doesn’t overheat

Turn on airplane mode and reduce the screen brightness to a minimum when you charge it stop using the gadget musaad the battery is too little or too much if you want to stop using the phone for a while for any reason it’s best to charge it to 50% then turn off the percentage is said to be the most effective for lithium ion batteries with this much power

Charging Tricks to Keep Your Phone’s Performance Fast

you can keep the phone for months with the smallest possible level of damage don’t forget to occasionally turn on your cellphone mullaloo charge the battery this is not right to save battery

If you don’t lock your phone when not in use battery power can be very draining the phone usually has a default screen lock time set for about two minutes and sometimes even longer set it to one minute or 30 seconds to make the battery last longer as well as a dark theme to save more power other tricks

for example don’t use mobile data especially when the connection is connected, your cellphone’s fat will use it up to search for the network, the temperature is also important, don’t leave your phone exposed to direct sunlight because if it overheats it can drain the battery if your cellphone battery drains quickly without a clear message, try to pay attention to cyber security,

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this can be a sign of bad luck. or someone is spying on you with a special application that charges when there is a thunderstorm even though electrical equipment is designed to protect your safety, still fires may occur if you really need to charge select a lightning powerbank can smooth the phone while it is plugged in.

Keep in mind our electrical voltage is sufficient high 220 Volts Now, if the electrical voltage in lightning can reach one billion Volts, what’s more, it’s better to disconnect electrical devices during a thunderstorm, avoid chatting on a landline phone that uses a cable to charge a cellphone using a laptop,

both of these devices are clearly different cellphones may suck a lower current so as not to damage the computer system low current charge also damages the battery and after a long time the battery is not able to hold it for a relatively long period of time cellphones connected to laptops are also very susceptible to viruses even though they are not used to exchange file paths data  computer makes the charging process difficult

Conclusion from 10+ Charging Tricks to Keep Your Phone’s Performance Fast

so it slows down everything the poino usb3 port works better but also not perfect while the charger doesn’t have this path if the cellphone power can’t be charged

the reason could be because the asphalt cable is low current power source or even the USB port is damaged the most In general, because the cable is damaged, the cable has to withstand a lot of weight because you keep twisting it, folding it and dragging it,

try changing the cable to make sure that the culprit is the cable, if the cable doesn’t work, try to clean the tracks, sometimes just a little dirt can make your cellphone power not charge but if it happens, Ussy, this track doesn’t. will help

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