13 Smartphone Facts That Kids Don’t Know About The “Now” Era

13 Smartphone Facts That Kids Don’t Know About The “Now” Era, Why do cell phones only use female voices? Some large companies have researched Human perception of the sound used in artificial intelligence.

They held focus group discussions with male and female participants playing various male and female voices, the results showed they almost always choose a female voice But of course it’s not just any female voice that is on our cellphones the voices that are most often chosen are neutral in character, not confusing and representing the characteristics of the cellphone brand

That’s why smartphone developers try to make unique intonation and voice accents Why cell phones vibrate and work cold Hey everyone okay wrong, yes, every cell phone has a small motor on the inside , about the size of a Rp. 100 coin, some extend like a match when receiving a special signal. This motor uses magnetic and electric fields to move at high speed and creates vibrations.

13 Smartphone Interesting Facts That Kids Don’t Know About The “Now” Era

Vibrating motors were first widely used in electric toothbrushes in Switzerland in the 1950s and decades later this technology could be applied to cell phones. How speech recognition works is very similar to our hearing system, only the sound detected is processed and analyzed by your phone’s artificial ear Does n’t really recognize human speech when Sound propagates through the phone’s microphone converts it into digital waves.

Each wave’s shape is unique like a human fingerprint, so unlike the audio waves produced by the sound of my breath, all Bills and other sounds that might be captured by a cell phone with this gadget are easy to understand waves.

which is generated by sound and only responds to the sound Why should we not charge it fully and immediately unplug the cell phone battery is similar to the muscles in our body it’s better not to force an exercise that is too strenuous than fatigue from over time It’s just that you charge it to the full but don’t do it often.

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Yes, once a month, if your battery is too frequent, it will only be able to last about 600 total charging cycles, you should charge your cellphone regularly. or Cafe for a few minutes your battery can last up to 1500 total charging cycles keep your cellphone power in the range of 40-80 percent Yes What’s the effect of cellphones safe we ​​all cellphones emit blue light that can make our eyes hurt in our eyes there is a photo of this special cell receptor it works captures the image of an object and then transmits it to the brain when the blue light of the cellphone passes through your eyes

A chemical reaction occurs that can damage the retina and our eyes blue light inhibits the production of melatonin or the sleep hormone if the body does not produce melatonin Usually we will have trouble sleeping, so checking social media before bed can be very dangerous our bodies how can wallpaper Cell phones save battery some cellphones have special AMOLED or OLED type screens and the cool thing is These two types of screens can save battery power the display only emits light when there is an electric current through it

Smartphone Facts That Kids Don’t Know About The “Now” Era

Well if it’s black the light doesn’t radiate So if you put a black wallpaper concentrated on water AMOLED or OLED phones, the electric current that passes through it is only a little light, only comes from small icons and symbols on your screen, battery power can last longer.

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but the cellphone doesn’t ring or even the cellphone is not in the pocket because we are used to the assumption that if the cellphone is always in our pocket, we have a new reflex when the cellphone rings , our hands go straight into our pockets, we reflexively every time we feel a vibration, even though we can do it. Yes, it’s just the friction of clothes or muscle contractions, but our brains think there’s a phone call.

Why shouldn’t there be cellphones on airplanes when cellphones are just starting to be marketed, the public assesses that cellphones can endanger aviation. Experts are worried that the radio on cellphones can interfere with electronic equipment on planes even if there aren’t any who knows for sure that this can actually happen on planes and to be safe all modern cellphones are equipped with airplane mode

Why do airlines still not recommend using cellphones, sometimes there is still a ban on using cellphones on airplanes so that passengers are always ready to face sudden situations if their attention splitting up to watch a movie or play a game, they might miss important flight safety instructions. Smartphones can really explode, it’s not the cell phone that explodes, but the battery, especially the lithium-ion battery, some modern gadgets still use batteries.

This type is because of this, we are not allowed to put lithium-ion battery phones in checked baggage on the plane and some of them are not even allowed in the plane cabin, there are also some low-quality powerbanks, tablets and laptops that can explode, you should always buy original batteries and chargers to reduce the possibility accidents happen

how to prevent your phone from being hacked don’t connect to unknown Wifi networks

  • Turn on Bluetooth if you really need it and don’t download apps that aren’t clear
  • Oh yeah don’t press the allow button if the app asks for access to your phone later someone might access it your data intercept your phone calls and control the activity on your phone
  • to protect yourself Remove all suspicious apps and change all your passwords at least once a month that slime update the software on your phone regularly and
  • of course never open it a strange link you receive via email
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Why you don’t need to close the app to save battery Hi The phone developers have repeatedly stated that background apps don’t really drain battery this app just waits for you to restart even re-opening this app directly from background mode is much lighter for your phone instead of closing it completely and then opening it again

Conclusion From 13 Smartphone Facts That Kids Don’t Know About The “Now” Era

what is the most expensive smartphone in the world Felton Supernova iPhone 6s pink Diamond and the price is 696 trillion rupiah Actually it’s just a regular iPhone 6 or sixplus but the casing is made of 24-karat gold and platinum on the back decorated with super large pink diamonds

Wow, want to try upgrading to this phone, is your cellphone water front every cellphone has an English protection rating or a level of resistance to the environment this is a special standardized system that allows you to know if your cellphone is not water, the rating starts from zero which it means your phone has absolutely no protection up to 9K if your phone has a rating like this it means your phone is very protected even from high pressure and temperature you can find your phone rating on the instruction sheet in the box or on a special website Hey

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