23 Secret Codes and Features on Android

23 Secret Codes and Features on Android, hi hi when you know your phone is discounted and yours is not brand new from the factory because you bought it from a private seller they say it’s in pretty good condition the phone may not be scratched But when you blame it suddenly there is a broken pixel too bad this command code will show the damage pixels on the screen

Okay now you want to buy a new phone and look at the ads that’s when Mom it’s your new dream phone at a big discount not so soon before handing over your hard-earned money make sure you type this code it will show you all important information about the phone

What is the phone is it refurbish or completely new pressing this will instantly show you everything you need to know about your software version same with this code this quick access trick is useful when how to turn off automatic updates to save battery always check if your software is the latest version due to updates can gain fix the stone and increase security to prevent virus from entering this combination can also help you to know more about your phone like current network statistics and battery usage and much more this is useful to know

23 Amazing Secret Codes and Features on Android That You Might Didn’t Know

if your battery is having problems and why your phone is draining fast by the way not all this command is just random number combination sometimes that number has hidden word written in ancient tea language 9 which is almost Forgotten for example each digit in this combination is a letter on mobile keyboard 4 for i6 for np3 for F and 6 for o4h the result is correct info

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How many codes what you solve throughout this video is still for security Let’s say your friend needs to borrow your phone but there are some apps that are better not seen or clicked on by others You can pin certain apps so they only open after you enter the lockscreen code go to the security menu settings and activate it screen panning or screen pinning

if you enter the security and privacy settings you will find the Smart Lock function thanks to the GPS tracker the screen lock is automatically deactivated when you are at home or other safe place of your choice GPS alerts will make the battery drain quickly to save battery and especially then cross the internet try limiting apps that are active in the background go to menu Android data usage yo

Android data usage after you see all apps check details and scroll down till restriction button what’s worse than bad signal is when the phone is stolen in this case you have to access the imei number to block your phone remotely this code will bring it up instantly

Who needs internet if there are secret gems on android now go to settings then find the OS icon tap repeatedly and it will open a fun game i have an octopus i can make swimming around the screen if you Cell phones can be said to have replaced digital cameras and it’s just as complicated as DSLRs to learn everything about your phone’s camera just press this OK you’re ready to take a photo say cheese If you’re a Giant and your cell phone signal goes bad press this to lock

GSM signal it stands for Global system for mobile communication and this secret code will even work overseas Because 90% of places have it that’s why it’s called Global this code will activate a quick access menu that allows you to start various phone operations with a single tap can be front camera sleep mode and many other functions anyone has ever done.

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Best Secret Codes and Features on Android

lost important data due to device deleting it for some unknown reason will definitely get irritated don’t worry about such accidents again if you type be prepared this this code activates the file copy screen where you can back up media files like video and audio images now what if you access a service that can listen to you and read your private messages calm down this is not filmborn pressing this will open Google Talk monitoring yes this keeps a record of all your communications but is usually used by the boss to monitor employees to ensure working hours are used for work not discussing fun parties last weekend

it also shows device ID jitol status and connection history even jitol heart rate status Google does collect information about you from your Android device but it’s mostly so they can show you ads you might like whether it’s cosmetic video games any home improvement tech instead of your Aunt and her love for Garden displays

you can find all this information in Google settings from your phone find the ads menu and select disable ad personalization if you prefer Google doesn’t know your interests or you can remove ad categories which doesn’t suit Minato Well to feel like a real cell phone engineer press this code then Call it will bring up the efs menu this allows programming the phone so you can for example improve call quality or try to save battery But be careful when you reprogram the phone some settings can never go back to the way it was

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Say you have to sell your old phone its time to delete its contents warning don’t try this now yes the secret code for this will restore your phone to factory settings you can also try this if the first one doesn’t work this will delete all apps and reset setting up your phone while you are traveling

Conclusion From 23 Secret Codes and Features on Android

Hi Say your hotel internet is not working either it might be a mistake from their side or there is a problem with your phone use this or this command code to test if the phone catches the existing wireless connection there is one more secret code to uk check for bad connection this code this command code allows a lookback test that verifies whether the device signal is working properly or not say goodbye to days when you stand with your phone raised to the sky the back light of the phone is not on vibrate mode irritates you you can check settings general

But here’s a quick way this second to test the back light and vibration of the phone remember when we have to download an app to check things like that wow times have changed a lot if it’s a remote advance GPS here’s the secret code to test it this or this you should know this if you are lost and you can also test the Bluetooth connection by pressing this hey

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