Don’t Charge Your Phone at the Airport, Here’s Why

Don’t Charge Your Phone at the Airport, Here’s Why, squid Hi was stuck at the airport you checked all social media and messaged all your friends then you got a scary message battery only 10% left you found time to charge nearby and plugged in your phone in an instant you became a victim of this cyber attack known as jus jelqing and it’s a real risk in public places

Charging stations in airport shopping malls , Pujasera hotels or even on public transportation store various things that can compromise the security of your data So how does it work hackers install a special program in anyone’s public charging station those who connect their device will immediately find their phone installed suspicious software

Tips Your Phone at the Airport, Here’s The Reasons Why

Take a look at the USB charging cable the end of the USB cable usually has 4-5 Pindi generally only one is used for power transfer the rest is for data transfer the data transfer mode on some modern phones din turn it off by default while older versions of Android are very vulnerable to hacking and there are people who might accidentally have enabled data transfer in their previous phone settings when you plug the phone into the computer there will be questions

Do you trust this device But you are not aware that data transfer is real it happened via the charging station earlier that once the connection has been connected there are two big dangers the first is data theft when you connect to a hijacked port criminals can hack traps and steal your data with special programs they can snoop on your files and applications and then your credit card login and password information also

Other personal information can be retrieved easily all this information is usually enough to gain access to your financial accounts another danger is the installation of this Malware is a software that can clone the wanted phone data onto the criminal’s device.

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this pair can also collect your information for example about GPS movement purchases social media activities photos and messages as well as phone calls or maybe one day you wake up and find your phone locked with a message send money to this account to unlock your phone

another risk is Edward you will see ads the unwanted on every page you open on your phone worst risk is the invisible Edward who gets downloaded to your computer while syncing your phone at home so How can you protect yourself most importantly avoid public charging stations

Turn on the battery percentage to make it visible limit app usage and check which apps eat up your battery even when you ‘re not opening it make it a habit to charge your phone at home at work or in the car this way you won’t have to charge it at the airport

But if your device’s battery doesn’t last long or you use your phone all the time take it out et regular chargers, when you are almost out of battery, just plug it in anywhere with your own charger, this way your data won’t change hands or your young device will be damaged or what if you bring a small powerbank this thing is widely available in the market you can buy cute ones and take them anywhere -where without having to worry about security

Charge Your Phone at the Airport, Here’s Why

Hi but if all the options above don’t allow I have another solution for you put your phone down and read a book hehehe it’s too much then install a good antivirus application on your cellphone Well maybe the heyday of viruses that easily infect MU computers and damaging it is over but that doesn’t mean your device is safe there’s no harm in installing good protection software you can also use a physical shield a small device called USB passthrough works as an adapter between the USB cable and the phone move

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this tool stops the data connection and only allows charging but even if you have to use a USB charger in a public place how do you know your phone is infected Try to check all these signs see how fast your phone is working if suddenly your new phone slows down the app another sign of a crash another sign of app crash or if your phone suddenly restarts itself in the middle of the day that means processes running in the background are consuming your device’s processing power

but don’t forget If your old phone runs slower with newer apps or operating systems just pay attention to any sudden changes Also pay attention if your phone is too hot sometimes you see scary messages like the device should cooled before it can be used this may be due to high outside temperatures which also heat up your phone to a dangerous level or you have been playing your favorite game for too long but it could also be because your phone has been infected once again watch for any changes sudden changes in the behavior of your device

Hi unexpected changes in battery percentage can also indicate an unknown threat if you lock your phone and store it in your bag with 50% battery still remaining but an hour later only 20% is left there must be something wrong but the most obvious sign is a change on your phone or data usage that you don’t do if you notice any strange changes in your phone settings especially on the privacy settings it ‘s a clear sign that someone has access to your phone always check the data usage statistics regularly

if you see 12GB of data arriving -suddenly used for something you don’t use this is the time for you to worry if you get signs like I mentioned earlier look for the application on your ancestral device Remember not to install it most Spyware is invisible but still looks like a normal application that has installed itself on phone in this case first Restore your phone settings to factory settings always update your apps because developers always improve the security of their apps regularly

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and lastly install this antivirus it can detect and remove viruses also clean your device but public charging stations are not the only place where cyber criminals can hack your device in place public do you know how much information can be stolen via public wifi every time you connect to a public network everything you do will be seen by hackers because the connection is not secure they will easily intercept your information

Conclusion From Don’t Charge Your Phone at the Airport, Here’s Why

so Remember this simple rule don’t enter any personal information or information she runs out when using public wi-fi Includes information Bang passwords for social media emails and others install and use a VPN program that can secure your connection to the internet usually this program is paid yes I know but right it’s better if all your important information is protected use an unlimited data plan for your phone

If possible This is a quick and simple way to create a WiFi hotspot on your phone so that you are always protected and lastly turn off file sharing or file sharing this can be done with just a few clicks on the operating system like make or windows this will protect your information and work from the last criminals don’t forget to try reading a book once in a while

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