How Smartphones Distinguish Top and Bottom, Also Other Secrets

How Smartphones Distinguish Top and Bottom, Also Other Secrets, when we turn the phone sideways to watch videos or play games objects in the frame change smoothly this is thanks to a very small C called accelerometer when you tilt your device the 500 Micron functional part of the accelerometer detects it when placed on a table it only reads the force gravity on earth 1G

if we move the system changes in the electromagnetic field allows the camera to understand the position of the image 1 micro circuit the magnitude of this 0.5 mm is smaller than the eye of a needle a similar system is attached to one of the most sophisticated machines that we know our body design the inner ear very like the inner ear feeling acceleration when moving in an elevator or car or when changing the position of your head this system is connected to your eyes try tilting and turning your head right now

You can still read the writing on the screen while recording video then the camera is like your smartphone moves and vibrate you see the image is very smooth and stable thanks to the accelerometer in your ear but try to watch the same video on a still screen

How Smartphones Distinguish Top and Bottom, Also Other Interesting Secrets

Ouch everything gets blurry in certain situations like on a ship or airplane moving signals that reach your brain from your eyes and vestibular system contradict each other and yes, of course you will get really sick uh the accelerometer can also be used as a vibration meter or a seismometer this may not be that important but it feels cool to have a cellphone that can measure the strength of an earthquake it can also measure the balance of a building

it’s not a professional version it’s pretty good to ensure the horizontal position the stove in your kitchen your cell phone has more amazing sensors for example our magnetometer lives on a giant magnet called earth so that sensor is used as a Compass some apps even turn Smartphones into metal detectors I won’t use it for prof purposes it’s optional but it can help estimate the position of the power line in the wall

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the GPS chip in your phone receives signals from at least three but often four athletes and then estimates your position using the difference in strength the entire surface of the earth is monitored with 31-100 scientists can tell the altitude you are at often your smartphone combines GPS satellite lion with data transmitted from the nearest GSM tower to increase the speed and quality of positioning this is indeed a GPS device in some applications makes your smartphone vibrate when approaching the destination point on the map your stop

stop will never be missed again this device can also turn your smart phone into a car alarm system if left in the vehicle before leaving using the same sensor your cell phone could be a speedometer theoretically this even works on airplanes in flight need to calculate the area you can benefit it’s the same tool you just need to walk around the entire area and the application will show the extent of the GPS on your device will automatically turn off if this tool detects your speed exceeds 1930 KPJ and an altitude of more than 18000 m you can also try the proximity sensor on the front panel of your cellphone

emitting light infrared and re-captures its reflection when you find Hey phone to face to talk this sensor temporarily turns off the screen to save battery and disables the touch screen function so the screen doesn’t respond to touch Your aunt You pay less than IDR 15,000 per year for the electricity used to paint your phone You may have heard that emptying the battery to 0% extends its battery life this is not true for modern devices you just need to use it until the battery shows 20%

this can calibrate the battery sensor and possibly make it work better some premium smartphones have gyros This 3 axis op function uses the same style that makes cycling hands off easier when going faster the phone uses the accelerometer compass and gyroscope at the same time so it knows the absolute orientation some phones have an FM radio installed but some don’t even though all cellphones are able to receive radio signals the reason may be because people rarely hear the radio outside the car

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Smartphones Distinguish Top and Bottom, Also Other Secrets

It seems we use the internet more often to listen to music there is a smartphone application that can measure temperature using a thermometer that has been installed the results are quite accurate but don’t plan a trip to a cold place based on that data before go Look at the weather forecast on the internet because your device can be affected by heat sources and electromagnetic fields around it

nowadays almost all Smartphones have an ambient light sensor this sensor automatically adjusts the brightness level according to the surrounding light but if you want open the internet before going to bed when the room lights are off Don’t do it dim the screen brightness to maximum in a totally dark room won’t help much the phone screen stays too bright against a much darker background in the fingerprint scanners found on most

Smartphones today rely on device capacitors it can read the electromagnetic motion of the finger affixed to the scanner with the help of different responses from the grooves and indentations of the skin some manufacturers Smartphones try to install a screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner but owners like this don’t work with screen protectors your phone’s

camera and microphone are also sensors and there are hundreds applications that use the camera as an optical sensor, your device can be converted into a bluetooth microphone computer mouse can be used to measure sound levels and turn your smartphone into oceanography to convert the sound around you into sound uk graphics

Hi this function is used by apps that recognize music when it wants to know who is the singer of this song yes tune a guitar or other shining instrument much easier use your smart phone instead of a tuning fork some Advanced Smartphones installed Barometer But you need to be connected to the internet When using it because the tool it collects local weather data as a base number on barometric pressure

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But to be honest these days you rarely use a barometer to predict the weather, do we refer to the internet more often than not, your smartphone has more gold content than gold ore 41 Smartphones contain one gram of gold you need about 900 kg of gold ore to get the same amount of phablet can even change the size of the trouser pocket some clothing manufacturers are enlarging the pocket so that your device can be bigger.

Conclusion From How Smartphones Distinguish Top and Bottom, Also Other Secrets

Hi Let’s put that in your pants cartoon walking while playing Smartphone without me being aware of the reality around you turns you into a smartphone zombies even in auburn Germany additional traffic lights are installed on the road surface to be seen by smombies this touch screen we like but too sophisticated Sometimes it also bothers Apple co-founder Steve wozniak to be the first to have phone number 8888888888 then he started receiving wrong dialed calls more than 100 times a day mostly from babies who play with touch screen people

whose first and last names start with letter a also sometimes face the same problem is this also a big problem in neighboring screens touch only responds to skin touch but not only he who has skin many pets love to play special games on Smartphones and tablets some applications even claim to be able to translate the sounds of meowing and barking into human language but I doubt the translation Hey you promise c cookies where are my cookies I come when you call I want cookies Hey

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