How to Use a Mobile Phone That Everyone Doesn’t Know

How to Use a Mobile Phone That Everyone Doesn’t Know, Hi diayway Predator Smartphone make a hole in the end of the shoebox large enough to attach a magnifying glass glue two pieces of board trying to hold your phone

Adjust the screen so that the image remains upside down because the magnifying glass will flip it slide the phone holder back and forth so that the image is in focus now on you you can project videos on a white wall or hanging spray and be self-aware, this really works and the way to make it is fun, instant macro lenses in the layer fill the area between the two circles with water and hold the water there by gluing the plastic end, cut off the top of the bottle, attach the lens you just made to the remaining part of the bottle cap, then attach it to the cellphone camera with a double tip, but does it really work? k

you can even get an effective idea of ​​comparing macro lenses, okay, VR glasses use the lenses from the plastic bottle, but you need two printed patterns to make the glasses, so you can look for them on the internet after you have assembled the lens glue and insert your phone. Play 360 VR videos for the full Fears effect.

Getting To Know Of How to Use a Mobile Phone That Everyone Doesn’t Know

aiin that works but honestly makes you dizzy, so I don’t recommend a cellphone protector from a balloon, it’s easy to make it just a balloon, press your cellphone on the side of the balloon and let the air from the balloon come out slowly, rubber balloon, how to wrap your cellphone like a casing but the rear camera is a speaker and a charging fort your cellphone will be closed, it’s a hassle, instant cellphone light, this trick is perfect for use when the power goes out, turn on the cellphone’s flashlight and put a water bottle or a closed glass jar on it so that the flashlight spreads more widely.

You can be creative by adding food coloring to the water so that the light shines. colorful pouch homemade waterproof there are several tutorials to make your own waterproof bag using only a ziplock bag that can be sealed hmm that’s not true indeed the touch screen can still work even though it’s covered in plastic but the lid and even the plastic tip can open easily or your cellphone might even be damaged by toothpaste for cracked water maybe this is one of the most popular cell phone tips on the internet, rub the cellphone screen, want to use a microfiber cloth, add a little toothpaste and magically the crack on the screen disappears sorry it’s just a myth I tried and it didn’t work but many people claim that the trick it works.

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Just try it yourself and tell me the result is a bright white screen instead of a flashlight because one thing or another the flashlight on your cellphone won’t turn on and you’re walking in the dark the trick is to change the wallpaper to plain white change the brightness level of the screen to the maximum to replace center of light the g produced is not as bright as the center but it’s okay taking selfies with headphones instead of bothering to stretch your arms as long as possible to cell Fir yes just put your cellphone on a bookshelf on the table or whatever, plug the headphones into the cellphone and press the volume button on the cable this way you can selfie and take secret photos from a distance

this trick can be used on EOS and Android phones but you have to use the original cellphone only the glasses filter no need to wait until the sky is golden yellow to take the best photos just use Purple sunglasses if placed right in front your eyeglass lens camera can actually work as a filter lol almost any sunglasses can be used but i think the brown one looks cooler by websockets cut the neck of the bottle and use the same cardboard or plastic bottle to make a circular cut use hot glue to attach the base her colored bottle Color and decorate as you like then design a cellphone package.

Trick Mobile Phone That Everyone Doesn’t Know

the bad news is that your cellphone doesn’t fit in your pants pocket and these accessories can’t be opened and closed like Mr. Save is mostly fun but it’s not practical for a cellphone case to charge

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If there is no table or other surface near the power outlet you can use a shampoo or lotion bottle to safely place your phone while it’s charging hanging on the floor cut the lid off and make a hole in the back so your phone cable can go in then decorate and color it as you like put the phone in a bottle boy and handsome this container in the plug Yufi light on cell phone to find dirt or invisible bacteria in your house you only need cell phone tape as well as red and blue markers stick the tape to the cell phone flashlight from blue make another filter and color it blue again yes

the third and last layer must be colored red turn off the room lights Turn on cell phone flashlight Unfortunately you only bus You see that purple light, you see, the result of mixing blue and red. Of course this isn’t real UV light.

But if you draw on paper with a yellow highlighter, it can make the picture look cool with black light. Non Yufi, Cinema-style surround sound, on your bed.

Take a cardboard box measuring medium and cut the base in a rectangular shape slightly smaller than your cellphone but don’t cut it off completely, fold back the two hanging parts to hold your cellphone and leave a little gap so that it can be charged then put your head in a cardboard box and your personal little cinema regent Oh yeah no forgot to make the air vent hole, uh, it turned out to be warm, charge the cellphone with oranges and coins, all you have to do is take two oranges, a slit in each orange and then insert a coin to unite the two then plug the casan into one of the oranges and Sara shows the money this coin works like a conductor of electricity and Hahaha I’m lying

Of course It’s fake better save your MU points and even the oranges instead of wasting your time on something obscure like this guster speakerphone a quick trick that really works when your phone’s sound isn’t loud enough just put your phone in in an empty glass, this rinse reflects up to 95% of sound so surely the sound of your cellphone will increase it’s not significant but you can clearly hear the difference but don’t do the trick Ma’am, cardboard toilet issues absorb sound instead of reflecting it so the sound will sound slower, clean the charging pot with a toothpick your cellphone charger is difficult to connect to the port or it keeps turning on and off with the slightest movement the suspect could be that the cell phone pot is full of dirt and dust and maybe a biscuit house

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before bringing it to the service technician try cleaning the port with a toothpick but be careful putting sharp objects in the pot can also damage it the fastest way at to delete long messages if you’re an Ayos user you can delete long messages much faster than pressing backspace or select all and delete just shake your phone next time

Conclusion From How to Use a Mobile Phone That Everyone Doesn’t Know

remember this trick when sending one long message wrong like a novel Make navigation easy with one simple step and hold down the space bar for more precise navigation on a text start scrolling to the section you want this trick works on iPhone and certain types of Android phones that support keyboard shorten the casan cable take a pencil roll up the casan cable on a pencil and hold the end with masking tape

then heat it with a dryer let the hair cool then unroll it and Tarra now you say it’s not too long and doesn’t take place to be honest this effect doesn’t last long so you have to repeat the steps over and over and I suggest using the old cable to test it rather than your new cable getting burned and damaged if I’m simple just use a rubber band to tie the cord not fancy but guaranteed to work

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