If You Look at the Dot on the iPhone Screen, Someone Is Wearing Your Camera!

If You Look at the Dot on the iPhone Screen, Someone Is Wearing Your Camera, Hi, if you are the owner of the latest iPhone tools or you have just updated the operating system, let’s be sporty, don’t be afraid when you see a green or orange dot that appears in the upper right corner of the screen, a green dot indicates your camera is active and an orange color indicates that your microphone is active.

for example, there is an app tik tok in the background that may passively use your camera and microphone this point will show it and this point can also help control your battery life so that the iPhone sound louder go to music settings and find the eclisse name Ecu in the oxylight menu it will make your phone sound louder by about 20% compared to before

you can also create a unique vibration for each of your contacts go to sound settings and open ringtone settings usually vibration follows default or default settings but if you scroll a little down you will see a special settings section tap rhythm Whatever you like and save You can set it for all your contacts if this vibration setting is not enough and calls from your grandmother are still Missing

Be Careful If You Look at the Dot on the iPhone Screen, Someone Is Wearing Your Camera!

Also try setting the flash Turn it on as an extra notification for incoming calls to the General often select the self accessible section then hearing Turn on the LED flash for incoming calls You don’t you’ll never miss your grandma’s call again if you press the space bar and then start moving the cursor a pop-up will come in handy

if you’ve mistyped and want to correct a few words in a note or whatever text you’re working on Hi if you’re typing a very long message but you have to erase everything just shake your phone To undo your typing Drag Mang Hai every time you have to select more than one icon tap and hold with one finger then add all the icons you need with the other finger unfortunately this trick will not work for iPhone six or l

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Older the latest iPhones have a super convenient feature that comes in handy when you need to switch from one app to another Look at the lines at the bottom of the screen, swipe left or right and find the app you need, no need to double-tap on the notification center.

fall asleep When listening to your favorite music or YouTube videos like me go to clock the timer and select the when time and Scroll down until you see the stop playing button this feature turns off all media applications such as music and all windows that play videos and produce sound even the YouTube application is okay useful if you ever wake up at 3am in the middle of the night and find a random video playing automatically on your phone

Well we are all used to using messenger apps but imessages just keep hitting the send button once to add the Wow effect your Babel section has 4 features Invisible Ink makes messages unreadable unless you sweep the message with your finger slide your finger from right to left Flip back so that the message is read Hi with a gentle effect at first the letters seem very small but after a while they get bigger the sea effect is the opposite when the message first appears

The font size is quite large then it returns to normal size in a few seconds The glue FX doesn’t need an explanation, the message really hits the screen, tap the button on the right called screen.

The effects are fun too, for example, there is a love effect, so your friend’s layer will be filled with text that echoes, swipe right for more effects.

one that fits the moving size you will send the font size on the iPhone can also be set to make it larger or smaller go to the display and freckless filtered Ketut x-rays and set as you like Hi you can take selfies not only with the volume buttons on the your cell phone, but just by typing the button on your cellphone, this is the trick, isn’t it? only for iPhone users but many Android phones also have this feature, don’t forget this function is usually only for original cellphones, the iPhone battery is not very durable but don’t ask about the photo quality

The iPhone Screen Tips

Turn on great in the camera settings go to general select the camera to activate the grid this can help arrange a better photo composition If you like to type with one hand It’s time you set your keyboard properly while typing hold down the Glow key will appear three keyboards on the left useful when you type only with the left hand in the middle to type with two right hand and right hand is useful when typing with right hand only if you like to write long love letters on your notes but don’t want anyone else to read protect your notes with a password

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there are two ways depending on the iPhone model you have for iPhone 6 swipe from right to left and cam u will see three icons lock folder and trash can use trash box If your love letters are finished use the lock so no one peeps Set the password but don’t forget it because later you won’t be able to delete your letter if this doesn’t work just tap and hold on the note and you will see the password in the dropdown menu

Set password by now no one else knows the content of the love letter make the rose you wrote in the middle of a quiet and lonely night your video Hey the latest iPhone models have a super cool feature you can take screenshots of the whole view your browser in one file just press the volume up button along with the power button if you need to search for a word while reading an article on the internet

open the search bar and type the word you want to search you will see three search sections Google Bookmarks and history and on this page tap the last one the word you need will be colored yellow

Besides there will be a special navigation at the bottom with up and down arrows so you can quickly search for that keyword Don’t forget to refresh occasionally this ponmo will help your device work better and faster to do this you have to dig deeper into general accessory asy-sheikh and Turn it on press the volume up button then

Hi guys then the power button you will see power off press assistive touch and hold down the home button now the RAM is self flashing If you see a notification enter the password after that it means you did it right even Hi assistive touch also helps set new functions until simple taps enter often general accessible ring and the asy-shaikh hani’ section can change any comment in the custom action menu

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I choose Double tap to take a screenshot because pressing the home button and power button at the same time seems a bit lacking ny it’s safe to take screenshots tap circle menu access buy twice iPhone users don’t need a separate app for QR reader as it’s built in all iPhones

Turn on the camera and Navigate to the code to be scanned You will see a pop-up window on the top layer Tap this window and you will be taken directly to the link that the code has. If it doesn’t work, activate the Scan QR code function in the camera settings.

Conclusion From Be Careful If You Look at the Dot on the iPhone Screen, Someone Is Wearing Your Camera!

Actually, you can set your favorite song as an alarm to enter the realm of fish. Edit in the upper right corner, tap on the alarm you want to change the melody.

the sound section press fikasong and select a song Whatever is on the Remo label but remember I’m not responsible if your favorite song turns into a song you hate after setting it as an alarm for a few days one of the most hated problems by iPhone users is when the memory is full even though you already deleted a lot of fixed photos

there’s just no space left go in frequently iPhone storage and make sure the photos you just deleted are completely deleted otherwise delete them in the storage or storage section Hi please note that your messages can also contain very large files so you can limit how long messages will take saved in message history

Tap the keep messages button by default the messages will be saved forever but you can change it to a year or even just 30 days if you have to sign a lot of documents this tip will help you sign all of them without having to print or scan take a screenshot of the document you have to you sign then tap the screenshot to edit tap the flash button in the lower right corner select the Signature button on the toolbar and so sign the document with just your fingers then save it by pressing don’t be that today’s tips that

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