iPhone Knows When You Wash Your Hands and 25 Other Hidden Features

iPhone Knows When You Wash Your Hands and 25 Other Hidden Features, Hey cie, has anyone bought a new iPhone 5 12 GB or even upgraded to the new iOS 14 , well, obviously the widget will have various possibilities, you can put it on the homescreen, the sizes also vary, small, medium, large and so on.

Don’t waste time creating a lot of application folders that’s because now the F library is available which automatically groups all the applications that are used a new category is added containing the applications

you just downloaded this library also displays the ep of the thesis that you just visited the jingle mode also changes to launch it on IOS 14 you need to touch an empty area on the screen and none of your app icons are swaying in this mode you can delete or move apps to library by pressing dash to exit touch an empty area or press done Hi in the top right corner

How iPhone Knows When You Wash Your Hands and 25 Other Best Hidden Features

this mode can also hide unused pages activate girl mode press the dot -point that represents the number of pages the screen will show a separate page uncheck the page you want to hide press done Now to restore it press the dot again and check the page you need you can set the browser application or email default slow how to go to settings and scroll down until you see the internet or email application that you want to be the default in the settings press the default web browser and select the application from the list

Come on s14 also has a cool feature Ain can hide the folder of recently deleted photos go to settings and select the photo section scroll down until you see the hidden album section if if you have an Apple watch, this gadget can detect you are washing your hands and then make sure you do it for at least 20 seconds.

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There is also a reminder that will send a notification. If you don’t wash your hands immediately after arriving home, the iMessage is also updated.

You can pin up to 9 message threads so that the contacts you contact the most are always at the top of the list. You can also mention someone in the conversation to send a message.

directly to group members In addition you can filter unknown senders Hi by notifying me in a message you can always know your name

Dimensions even if the conversation is muted this can be very convenient if most of your conversations are muted so you don’t miss important messages and don’t have to bother sort it.

Hi for some other new features he message memory also changed 11 hairstyles and 19 kinds of new head accessories added so you can create them according to your taste you can send hugs and embarrassed expressions with new stickers know bad news for translators this is in fashion screen conversations are divided into two languages ​​spoken can be detected on the left side of the screen and then translate on the right there are 11 languages ​​in total and can work offline so your conversations are completely private weather applications are also updated weather forecasts are presented every minute and include the intensity of rainfall or snow for the next hour in the

United States for the United States Europe Japan Canada and Australia a warning is also displayed in case of bad weather, for example, Oops storms and floods, the video quality of FaceTime calls has also been fixed to 1080P resolution, but this feature is only available on iPhone X or earlier versions.

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Other Hidden Features iPhone Knows When You Wash Your Hands

newer the best feature is that the phone’s eye contact can adjust the video to the position of the eye so that video calls are more natural, especially when your eyes are on the screen instead of the camera on IOS 14 you can add other people to the reminders you share other features such as Smart scan so you can add date, time and place with just one touch of evokes

Now if this is only available in the United States have family capital you can add up to five family members under 18 every time you want to send money to your relatives you can use messages. person to person purchase and payment notifications

Hi the camera has been updated a lot Maybe you didn’t pay much attention But the photo taking time is getting shorter due to the improved performance of Cut night mode is also updated to improve the experience when taking night photos Well here’s another cool feature for selfie front camera now mirrored so your selfies will match the photos taken with the front camera.

All iPhones have a low-end QR reader, both old and new. The QR reader version on IOS 14 can scan almost any code even if it’s small or hidden. Hi for music, just search for your favorite song. then auto play mode will search for some similar songs that you might also like there are also lots of new filters to browse your library faster spatial audio is actually 3D sound which gives you a super immersive experience to activate

Open Bluetooth Press water next to airport right this feature only works for the airport then press the spatial audio button Also check the accessibility section you need to press the follow iPhone button to make sure everything works For example you don’t want tik tok to know your location open tiktok then turn off location access but Heroes 14 has another feature if you turn off that exact location button it will only get an approximate location not the exact address

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there is also an automatic suggestion for the home application you can adjust the color temperature throughout the day another cool feature is facial recognition, it can even recognize someone who is knocking on your front door if you save it in the people section in photos

Vaio sve14 helps your sleep by updating sleep mode and relax in the clock section there are many new features such as a sleep schedule first make sure your sleep schedule is active edit the active days set your sleep target then press the relax mode section add the apps you need to relax mode shortcut when your phone is in sleep mode you can access it from blocked screen new WiFi setting is called private address

Conclusion From iPhone Knows When You Wash Your Hands and 25 Other Hidden Features

this setting can reduce tracking of your iPhone on various wi-fi networks Hey you can easily extend your battery life how to limit widget usage don’t add too many widgets and limit the use of Widgets that require a lot of Data to keep the info constant today

you can also set auto low power mode at a certain percentage open automation press the + button and make new automatic settings there are many keyboard updates and multiple languages guaranteed Deck ka You will love this feature regardless of the language because you can search for emojis by words or phrases , this feature is specifically for iPhone users who are super lazy.

You can send voice messages with the help of betel, just Say Hi Siri send a voice message to Jihan Sugiono sirih will start recording and stop after you are done you will also get a preview Now just press the send button it’s easy right

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