New Smartphone Tricks to Reduce Eye Fatigue

New Smartphone Tricks to Reduce Eye Fatigue, Hi Ho Hai uh finally after 12 hours the script is finished and I can rest now Geez Why is everything blurry my eyes must be under a lot of stress I’d better sleep now but I can’t see my bed

Ok it’s morning my vision is back to normal so let’s find out what’s the truth happened yesterday it seems that the main problem is blue light or what we know as blue white which is some of the rays that are emitted the most by our digital computer screens or smart phones blue light is one of the three basic parts

White light sunlight that is visible to the eye the other two rays are green and red maybe you have seen the combination of RGB letters and also Hi Open any editor application and look for color correction there will be three sliding curves representing the red green and blue colors If you move all three to the top your image will turn white

New Smartphone Amazing Tricks to Reduce Eye Fatigue

Because white consists of one full color spectrum If you lower it down to zero everything will turn black so blue light is at the very bottom of the visible light spectrum and this color has the most energy of all that’s why blue was chosen for the screen color blue color hits your eyes the most and can still be seen even when the sun shines bright Well you know what happens if you look directly at the sun, the screen only emits a small part of that light but it is still harmful to your eyes for a long time, the cornea and the lens in the front of the eye are effective at blocking Ultra Violet Rays.

or UV rays from the sun so that very little actually reaches the sensitive back of the eye, namely the retina, but blue light is completely unobstructed and can enter the entire eye directly if it affects your eyes for too long.

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This light can potentially damage retinal cells and cause problem your eyes but the reason your eyes get tired from staring at a screen for too long is because of the short wavelength and high intensity of blue light You see the sky is blue on a clear day because this color is the most easily scattered of all colors the same thing happens when you stare the screen of your smartphone or computer the light spreads in all directions makes it difficult to focus and your eyes strain to see a clear image imagine sitting a day with both arms stretched out straight in front of you

Maybe you can stay in this position for half an hour or even longer but then you will feel stiff like a stone so are your eyes because the eyes are also moved by muscles eventually blue light can interfere with your sleep If you use gadgets during the day blue light will help you stay awake and concentrate but at night blue light inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin so you have trouble sleeping and waking up n tired that’s why the blue light filter has become very popular lately

Trick New Smartphone Tricks to Reduce Eye Fatigue

the idea is to reduce the intensity of blue light by adding a yellow hue to the image this feature is installed on all the latest Smartphones but the default rule is off on Android this feature can be found in quickpanel drag to bottom of the screen and you will see Various options each of them has its own name bluelight filter ice from outside safety and others but basically the same just tap on the icon and you will get a warmer screen color

If you are an iPhone user with iOS version 93 or later you can set the night save mode to turn it on at the set time every day open frequently display and brightness and select macef here you can turn this mode on and off manually schedule when this mode works automatically and even control the warmth of the light

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If you don’t attach importance to image quality, slide the slider to the right to get the maximum effect if your phone doesn’t support the blue light barrier feature, you can open the App Store or Google Play and search for the relevant application, there are lots of applications like that.

Please choose what you like on your computer, see more hardware options or software for hardware options go to monitor settings most manufacturers provide is safer mode on their computer products if you can’t find it check your monitor’s user manual if the blue light filter is not installed on the MU monitor or you don’t like it choose the first software option Windows and it has a night feature light open the start menu and click the icon often then select system a display screen will appear and there you will see my flight settings you can schedule a certain time every day or directly blame it the good thing is you can adjust the warmth of the hue press the LED settings under the tom bol and slide the slider left or right until you like the result want your screen to be reddish it’s okay on a Mac computer the software options are the same as Hi fortnite save

if your computer is Sierra version press the Apple logo in the upper left corner then system preferences in the pop-up window select displays and you will see three Tabs just click on the rightmost one named nice F in this menu you can schedule the blue light blocker feature to turn on automatically or turn it on manually as well as adjust Hue with slider like in Windows and if you are not satisfied with the installed options just for the application in the Appstore or Windows Store that suits your needs once again there are lots of choices. Another option is to wear yellow glasses to protect your eyes.

These glasses are sold in specialty stores and online and can block blue light from your screen effectively, the lenses are reflective too useful because it will protect your eyes from second reflections The screen filter side attached to your phone can also help block out blue light it looks just like a regular screen protector so this filter doubles up protecting your gadget screen from damage and protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of blue light maybe the simplest way to avoid blue light is to hold the phone at a certain angle tilt it back until your eyes feel less strained by the light exposure

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Conclusion From New Smartphone Tricks to Reduce Eye Fatigue

But still being able to use your gadget comfortably it takes practice but the end result will be good Hey finally give your eyes a break for every 45 minutes staring at the monitor give it some time take a 15 minute break and look away you can make tea or coffee and chat with someone or read an old book by the way you can read physical books or e-books because e-books have special screens made with electric ink ronik or II material that allows you to read without pressing your eyes do some eye exercises to lift the pressure on your eyes close your eyes and rotate your eyes closed first clockwise then counterclockwise

Open your eyes again and blink vigorously a few times sit down in front of the window Concentrate your gaze on something far away and hold your gaze on the object for 10 seconds then it will focus on the object that is near Your thumb can also make sure it is parallel to the far object so you don’t have to move your head repeat this three times Then close your eyes again stay in that state for half a minute you will feel much better after this and be back to work for another hour huh

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