Reasons Cell Phone Cables Are So Short And A Series Of Other Reasons

Reasons Cell Phone Cables Are So Short And A Series Of Other Reasons, hi hi Hi Have you ever wondered why the cellphone charging cable is so short, the iPhone cable length is usually about one meter, other brands can be up to 1.5 m, even if the replacement cable can be up to two meters there are lots of reasons we definitely don’t want to waste it time is just to untangle a two-meter long cable from the bag.

In addition, many companies will be overwhelmed if they have to produce cables with too varied lengths. Cell phone batteries will charge quickly if the cable is short, because the electrical resistance is minimal and the voltage is more stable. Long cables actually make charging time.

it takes longer because some of the energy will also be wasted in the form of heat the size of today’s phones are getting slimmer and the camera is getting more and more dual cameras are becoming a luxury feature on more expensive phones and each camera has its own purpose Overture glue with White Angel is great for taking photos close range but not suitable when used to take moving objects, that’s why a longer lens is added which has the advantage of being able to make the image look bigger from a distance with minimal lighting.

Reasons Why Cell Phone Cables Are So Short And A Series Of Other Reasons

There is also a camera used to take color photos, while the other camera is to take black and white photos. photos that combine color information from one lens plus sharp details from another. Additional lenses can also help you take photos from different angles, even when you’re standing the same way when you’re busy using your phone, you may notice an bulging battery. Most portable electronic devices use lithium-ion batteries.

This battery is more reactive because the partitions between cells are narrower so that it increases the pressure when this type of battery overheats or is worn out, the inside of the cell can release flue gas, mix flammable electrolyte, this cell in the village this is to hold the gas so it doesn’t burn if the cellphone is not too bulging the shape on the back of the cellphone will be less pleasing to the eye or maybe there are gaps in the edges but if the condition is severe the battery can make the gadget talk loudly if the battery bulges immediately stop using your cellphone don’t chase it and release it the battery slowly Don’t press it, separate the metal part with tape and throw it away in a special place If you can’t take it off yourself just take it to a service center

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while watching a video The bright side uh maybe your phone screen suddenly turns on by itself This feature is designed to display notifications when you take your phone or receive a message but this feature doesn’t work perfectly, sometimes you can use a movement technique in your pocket as a result your phone is accidentally pressed or the display screen lights up on Android phones this feature is called ambient display and on iPhone it’s called raceway so accelerometer can detect when the user picks up the phone and then displays a notification without having to press a button

for some people this feature can be too annoying but Calm can be turned off via settings how come when you are about to type something on the website that you are open suddenly a pop-up appears informing you that you just won a gift card worth 15 million rupiah Hurray but why does this message appear and what happens if you click on it the culprit is not your phone or browser crash but the website the page you are viewing has a certain code and it is this code that allows you to receive this suspicious message cause Oh yes malicious ads ad network on most websites contains a number of ads that you see and most of them are vying for your attention some malicious ads can also enter that network or only appear on the mobile of certain users the website owner makes it difficult to track the Wikan of the page sites

Cell Phone Cables Are So Short And A Series Of Other Reasons

usually block an ad then the ad network will delete it but the ad needs to be detected first so this is what will happen if you click on one of the malicious ads the content of the message you just won a gift card worth 15 million rupiah click here to get your prize after you click a message appears you have to answer three questions then the question widens and you even answer a survey for 10 minutes you are also asked to fill in all your data to confirm your address, name, date of birth and mobile number, finally Hi herbal medicine is wasted just to fill out the question without getting the gift card you instead give all of your data that can be misused is horrifying Oh, I remember this. Have you ever received a phone call from your own number, this could be the cause.

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These three things are the most common, because there are people who have marketed their phones by manipulating the identity of the caller at this time.

When you call you, you see your own phone number because the number is hidden, that’s true. But if you don’t advise the party who calls you on the other end of the phone, a call like this will never happen, or the caller’s number may be blacklisted while your number is not an alternative, this can make you pick it up.

callers like this might also use a phone number that is very similar to your number only one or two digits different the reason could only be just back on your iPhone, betel can make calls to your cellphone But you should never pick up the caller who isn’t your twin from another planet, of course, before it’s installed on your phone.

your phone an app will ask for permission to access your location a report published in the New York Times newspaper revealed that apps that have access to your location collect tons of data from you and then use this data to profit from targeted advertisements.

You actually turn it off, some apps also need location access, for example, weather apps, maps, health and fitness apps, social media, if you check these, some places have smartphone apps, cameras to add location data to photos and some games, for example, games that require you to enter a parking lot to collect virtual creatures are still related to the previous point, Semi Oh you just told your neighbor that you want to buy cat food for a few minutes you open social media eh, a lot of cat feed ads pop up you are confused why your own cellphone is spying on yimou for rp17,000 applications most popular records all activity on your cell phone but take it easy your secret is safe how come the culprit is not human but just algorithms and artificial intelligence that sends ads according to your liking on your smart phone communication with Siri is triggered by the word

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Conclusion From Reasons Cell Phone Cables Are So Short And A Series Of Other Reasons

Hi betel but on the website there are thousands of trigger words that trigger collect data when you talk about things or places that become your wishlist , the strangest thing is the price of cellphones because it keeps skyrocketing, the reason is that various types of cellphones are increasingly difficult to sell, many people continue to use their smart phones as long as possible because this trend is durable, making manufacturers faced with two choices of selling more phones or increase the price but additional features also affect the big screen dual cameras and facial recognition software make the production cost more expensive

a study says that technology companies are currently having trouble selling their cellphones and in 2019 they changed the wheel by making cheaper models so they could attract potential buyers whose budgets also vary if it’s me I’m still waiting for the launch of a super fake cellphone, a cellphone like this won’t spy on Mulo but will continue to compliment you and respond to everything you want with what doesn’t make you zinc Hey

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