The Foldable Phone That Is Predicted to Have Arrived! Maybe It Won’t Last Long

The Foldable Phone That Is Predicted to Have Arrived! Maybe It Won’t Last Long, Did you know that foldable phones will be coming soon, lol Welcome to the future, think hard. Here I also had a folding cellphone in the early 2000s.

First, for you Bocils, just for info, old-school folding phones usually have a layer on the top of the keypad at the bottom and a small hinge in the middle as a connector for the shell design, ah yes, I remember that too, but you can rely on the screen size needed, the bigger we use the cellphone for work.

and learn to watch movies and TV shows using the screenshot multitasking feature, watch YouTube videos and chat on social media at the same time without any problems, so don’t worry, the technology in the future will be 180° different from the past, how come our cellphones will have big long sails and can be folded?

you can watch videos on your cellphone while washing dishes or taking a leisurely walk together your dog is lying on the sofa in the living room you don’t need to turn on the tv just open your foldable phone And become a big tablet when you go to work or school just roll the phone around your wrist like a bracelet and be ready to go beyond your imagination, all of this will soon be possible thanks to display technology Old-school OLED devices and some modern gadgets use LCD LCD displays.

The Amazing Foldable Phone That Is Predicted to Have Arrived! Maybe It Won’t Last Long

They have millions of colored dots or pixels in front of the back light. If the cellphone screen wants to be an LCD type, try to observe carefully, sometimes you can see these pixels, or try to pay attention to your old cellphone which has been damaged when the back light is off.

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Bro, I saw the picture on the cellphone but it’s not very clear, if the pixels are damaged, your cellphone screen will only show a blank image but the back light is still on display Organic light-emitting diode or also has millions of colored pixels But the size is very small so it’s not will be visible to the naked eye new laptop or cell phone screens on this type of display each point produces its own light, this technology is more battery-intensive but produces sharper and clearer colors.

In addition, OLED displays are more space-saving because they don’t need a phone back light and when attached to a thin plastic layer, the OLED can be operated. with all kinds of shapes can be made or experimented with Yes, it is true that it bends OLED displays.

It has been used in various products that may already be in your house. This display is for TV monitors and some smart phones. New models are curved. OK, How come folding smartphones are not available until now Now, yes, this is the first problem faced by mobile phone manufacturers, making their folding screens consumer friendly. Most touch screen phones are usually protected by glass, which can last a long time but cannot be folded. The display is folded and made of plastic.

Mobile phone users will touch the screen directly when operating it. we won’t touch the protective glass, remember that old plastic sailing gadget , right? It’s true, there are lots of scratches after you keep using it and put it in your pocket, what happens if your smartphone screen is made of plastic , there isn’t even a foldable screen protector and even if the phone screen can finally be folded there are other components too.

You certainly know that batteries and chips cannot be involved in a power source and lithium-ion batteries can even burn if they are too flexible.

Most of the components in modern cell phones are made of aluminum and plastic, they can bend, but over time they will break and break.

damaged so to make a real foldable cell phone the production process had to be massively changed every little detail from the screen to the battery case to the outer shield had to be redesigned apart from the material that needed to be replaced on a large scale, the phone manufacturer also had to redesign some of its components, the large OLED screen.

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or dual displays need more energy supply than modern smartphones, even though the battery capacity continues to increase , it’s still not enough, my cellphone battery drains quickly when I use it to watch YouTube, what happens if I have to charge my folding cellphone every part or 5 hours Hi, that’s just the hardware not to mention the software also needs to be massively modified.

Phone That Is Predicted to Have Arrived

The current operating systems such as iOs and Android are made specifically to be installed on smartphones or tablets but the system on a folding phone must be able to double function and must be responsive when switching from phone to tablet mode or vice versa.

Applications and operating systems must adapt to changes in screen size, meaning that the processing power is also greater at this time the best solution is Android OS because it can be compatible with various devices that vary in size, not only the operating system will experience problems but also the developers of lay applications.

Streaming users like netflix have to find a way to adjust the video size to the screen size the mechanism is not as easy as rotating the phone vertically or the archipelago with a folding phone you will be able to adjust the screen size according to taste and the possibilities are endless.

Sounds cool, but there are lots of changes we have to make I haven’t seen a lot of folding phones on the market because they are expensive to produce, so how much effort should the company make to change the production process, if every part of the cell phone has to be changed, the materials, methods and machines must also be completely new, wow.

folding phones in bulk, but as they continue to grow, the production costs will eventually become more affordable, so we can buy folding phones or not.

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Yes, of course, they can now be sold, how come they aren’t futuristic like bracelets, but shell folding devices simple, it looks almost like an old folding cellphone but both ends are in the form of a bright in-display screen, the problem is only one hinge to keep the phone safe and durable the hinge is too strong so it can’t be opened with the flick of a finger even after testing the mechanism.

This durable hinge broke after 27,000 times opened for items that are used daily, this number includes a few tablets, some of the new model devices that have been launched on the market do look futuristic in a long river like a tablet but can be folded to the size of a regular cellphone, unfortunately the latest designs are still stiff and sometimes still too thick, making it less attractive for the average user Besides that, even the most modern folding phones have a glaring drawback, the folds in the middle are just trivial, but they’re not as smooth as compared to the large screens on ordinary modern phones.

Conclusion from The Foldable Phone That Is Predicted to Have Arrived! Maybe It Won’t Last Long

Apart from all these mechanical problems, there’s also the problem of cost. folding cellphones currently diary 14 million to 40 million rupiah is too expensive for the average cell phone user Although there are many obstacles the design and production of the latest folding phones are still ongoing, there is a technology demo that shows the design of a new cellphone and it really wraps around the wrist like a bracelet or watches, recently Apple has also received a patent for a cell phone that can be rolled up.

Some people think that in the future it is laptops that can be folded instead of Smartphones. Laptops that can be used to watch movies and then folded into small rolls can save space when Put it in the bag Wow, ready to go, I just want to buy it

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