Tricks to Know If You Like to Spend Hours Playing Mobile

Tricks to Know If You Like to Spend Hours Playing Mobile, hi oh yes i finally won in this game it’s time for dinner, i better sit down.  ok let’s find out how to sit in front of a computer that is more comfortable for my poor body, don’t use an ordinary chair or armchair for work or play games office chairs and special gaming chairs have an anatomical shape and can be adjusted to fit your body frame perfectly the more sophisticated armchairs are also more expensive but guaranteed you won’t suffer from lower back pain by wearing them.

If you don’t like buying an expensive chair at least look for support the lower back can be a chair cushion or a chair back support that holds your back in its natural position so you won’t wake up with pain for a neck support.

Find Out Tricks to Know If You Like to Spend Hours Playing Mobile

The easiest solution is a travel pillow this way when you sit back in your chair lately your back won’t be too bend or stretch just make sure whether the back of the bus seat is high enough to support your neck you can also make a towel roll and put it on the back of the chair for example with this duct tape it works to roll down or neck depending on where you put the roll.

if your legs especially your knees get tired after sitting a moment better adjust the height of your chair but the chair must be high enough so that you can directly see the computer screen So if your feet are comfortable but you have to look up better use a small leg brace ideally your knees should be 90° and feet firmly planted always choose a monitor that is high and angled, This adjustable position will save you from the difficulty of adjusting the chair from the start.

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By the way, the most comfortable position when sitting in an office chair is when your tailbone is pushed back completely so that the spine is slightly curved forward so you can lean back and after you sit a little or more you can get up without pain your hands are not in their natural position when typing or holding a mouse buy Place a mouse that has wrist support and special attachments for the keyboard so that your wrists are always straight

otherwise just make special pads for the wrist with a small towel it may feel awkward at first but in the long run your hands will feel much more comfortable you can also buy a vertical mouse in online stores functions like a normal mouse but your hands are positioned on the side with your little finger and the side of the palm as a support for the bones.

A relaxed back he should always lean on the back of your chair ideally your front arms should always be supported by the arm of the chair this way your back will not be too tense Make your desk that is used install a sliding keyboard drawer that is comfortable for typing.

If you like reading books or playing games on your cell phone Put your phone at eye level this will improve your sitting posture and help prevent neck pain You won’t actually damage your eyesight by looking at the screen for hours on end -hours but your eye muscles can get tired do eye exercises every 30 to 40 minutes and better yet turn your attention to something to let your eyes rest for a while make sure you sit not leaning to the right or left in the chair when working or playing games natural position of the bones your back is not straight at all but if you make it bend to the side gradually it will complain with the onset of aches and pains

If you use your smartphone a lot we all do that bro sometimes you feel your thumb hurt if this happens draw in the air with your thumb for so long tar one minute the fingers have no muscles but there are joints that will complain from overuse playing or watching videos on a laptop while lying in bed is very comfortable but it puts a lot of strain on your neck

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Getting to Know More If You Like to Spend Hours Playing Mobile

if you don’t want to get out of bed at least on your stomach and very upper body with a pillow putting the laptop on your lap is also not the best idea with this position you look down and your neck and eyes will get tired very easily

like a desk computer better find a position where your eyes are parallel to the screen by the way there is no position where you can look straight at the screen and your arms relaxed when using a laptop use a separate USB or wireless keyboard to prevent this problem most monitors and cell phones nowadays are equipped with an eye protection mode it lowers the blue light from the screen by adding a yellowish tint to the image

this is perfect for them which work with a lot of documents and if you want to watch movies or play games just turn off this mode the keyboard backlight can also help fight eye fatigue If you have to look at the keyboard while typing shifting your eyes back and forth from screen to keyboard can be difficult just make sure the letters- the letters are well lit not only the gaps between the buttons your eyes won’t hurt too much if there is no light hitting the screen

keep the monitor away from all light sources especially sunlight because it not only makes you uncomfortable but can also damage the monitor screen over time but bad lighting good is also important So if the ceiling lights don’t make you comfortable.

Use a desk lamp if the only light source in your room is the screen after an hour your eyes will get too strained don’t forget to wipe and clean the keyboard Your mouse and smartphone regularly You touch too often them and not always with clean hands

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many of us also eat behind our desks Yes me too So you will be surprised at how much dirt is on your keyboard touch your face after touching the keyboard and be prepared for serious health problems crossing your legs it feels really good If you sitting for long periods of time But after some time one or even both of your legs may become numb you are holding the blood flow from your upper body to your knees down and your lower body feels much more stressed than usual

crossing your legs can cause problems with your veins standing or adjustable desks are getting more and more popular these days sitting all day you can elevate the table Hi and standing this will provide a much needed change of activity for your feet too don’t forget headphones sound better than earphones because headphones don’t enter the hole ear your eardrum doesn’t like to be shaken too much and if the sound source is too close the sound can stretch or even break.

Conclusion From Tricks to Know If You Like to Spend Hours Playing Mobile

So speaking of the worst types of earphones are droplets that go deep into the ear canal this type may provide the best quality sound and almost perfect soundproofing but can harm hearing in the long term it’s a good idea to also buy a headset to make calls many of us are used to putting our phone between our neck and shoulder and if we stay in that position for a long time you will immediately feel the consequences.

Smartphones with large screens are not comfortable to wear with one hand that’s right if you don’t switch to one-handed mode most of those model phones come with this feature check How to enable it in settings section or default tips

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