WhatsApp Knows Who Your Favorite Friends Are & 30 Other Secret Features

WhatsApp Knows Who Your Favorite Friends Are & 30 Other Secret Features, hi hi hi you are bored with old font now with star and change font yes to highlight important info in your text use star before and after any word or sentence it will appear bold for text with italics replace star with underscore and to strike out text correct

the tilde at the beginning and end of the text use three inverted apostrophes to get a new nano font or or you to make it easier to read go to settings or settings and look for font size or font size in the caps section choose between small medium and large most iphones have fonts installed for applications this type whatever you want bold the text and you will see an opap box press the pointer on the right and there it is four new font choices to enable fingerprint security in wa hi go to settings or settings and press the account button or account in the privacy section

More WhatsApp Knows Who Your Favorite Friends Are & 30 Other Amazing Secret Features

look for the lock fingerprint or touch id for iphone now only you can isa reads your chats if you are hiding from someone you can remove the last seen tag in the achievement settings section too but if you hide the last seen tag you will also not be able to see the last seen tag of others

if you have group chat and tired of getting various photos and video open group settings press the media visibility button and select no yo whatsapp if you have status features like stories on instagram and you can also hide your status from certain contacts go to privacy settings press the status button and choose who can see your status sometimes you run out of data because it’s too much sent media on whatsapp limit for automatic photos audio videos and documents in the data and storage usage section after everything becomes wifi only

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if you don’t want the blue check mark the message has been read to be seen by others turn it off via privacy settings and remember if you turn off your blue ticks you also won’t see other people’s blue ticks whatsapp knows who you chatted with the most go back to data and storage usage and go to storage or storage usage at the bottom your favorite chat friends will appear at the top of the list ok you will meet your friends can’t find them in the crowd share live location with your contacts your location will be updated instantly and can be shared for 15 minutes an hour or even eight hours

open the notification section and select a different nadia for your contacts and groups here you will know if seeds but sending keep cats to family groups again and if you are tired of group chats just mute through group settings on iphone you can even choose how long you want to mute it 8 hours a week or if you are really tired up to a year

if you are a whatsapp user true and feel that a search for the chat you need is boring pin the most important chat above for iphone swipe right for the chat in question and tap the pin image that appears for android press chat and pray appears on the screen above areca sustenance there one more function of the swipe to the right is mark unread this is useful when you don’t have time to reply to the reef but don’t want to forget to reply later android photo hold the chat and press the three dots in the upper right corner

WhatsApp Knows Who Your Favorite Friends Are

the mark unread button is in the dropdown menu back up whatsapp data going back to sea this is in the cfd section of the settings if you press backup chat you can turn on auto backup and set it to daily weekly or once a month to find out how long someone has been ignoring you shabu the blue tolling message to the right if you are using iphone for android yes just press and hold the message in question until a dot menu pops up ti ga at the top you will find it in the info section

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now you can see when the message was sent and when it was read hi if you swipe right on the iphone you can reply to a specific message in that chat the same goes for android i chery read the message my last whatsapp hey send a sharp plane to miko tell him to buy me pizza yes your iphone assistant can also run this application for you WhatsApp video calls used to only be followed by a maximum of four people but now it can be eight people t

his time the seeds of the heart can come or maybe not one another plus for ios users if someone types a date in a whatsapp chat it will automatically underline nge on iphone tap on that underlined date and add it to your calendar hey you can also move almost all files from pc face to phone and vice versa via whatsapp app just open whatsapp web on your computer you don’t need l not only login the qr code with your phone your chat will appear on the web page soon it’s just that you won’t be able to send files larger than 100 mb maybe you want an additional copy of a chat go to contact info export chat and choose whether you want media attached or not save it in a file or export it via skype email or other available options

even if you don’t use your cellphone number now you can still save your whatsapp account go to account settings and tap on the jeans number or change number now your friends can still contact you even if you have a new number switch to dark mode on android go to settings then chat hi brought to display or display there will be a choice of darsem or dark theme you can hide certain chats without deleting them all at once just archive press that chat select archive for android for iphone swipe left on chat to view archive button

if you want to return it to the main page swipe down on the main chat page the archs button or archived chat will appear at the top swipe left and tap on archaic or unarchive whatsapp allows want to delete messages you just sent but as usual there is a limit of messages only can be deleted within an hour of you sending it and if the person you are messaging quotes your message before you know it shouldn’t have sent it then it’s too late the quoted message can’t be unsend

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don’t let people around you hear your voicemail many jervis works for listen to this recording just like on a phone call when you want to hear a voice message hold the phone to your ear and enjoy your privacy you can hide your profile picture from anyone go to account settings select privacy and select a profile photo you can hide it from anyone which is not in your contact list or even from everyone

Conclusion From WhatsApp Knows Who Your Favorite Friends Are & 30 Other Secret Features

ok let’s say you are having a party but inviting people via group chat is a bit weird especially if you don’t want to invite some people on the blog it’s like left-handed bang because it sends a private message to everyone you invite to save time open the broadcast list in the cat section select the recipient and send the message as usual if there are too many unread messages you can quickly delete the numbers without opening and reading them

all press the edit button in the upper left corner and select the ritual of cleaning and deleting all chats is two different things clearing is just deleting everything in it the chat will still be in your main content deleting the chat will remove it from the main page

if you accidentally delete or clean the chat hope you backed it up earlier so you can restore back hey where didn’t I ready to party hey if you learn something new today click the like button in this video then share it with your friends here are some other interesting videos you can watch just click on the video on one side of the screen and remember stay on the bright side of life hey

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