Why Is the Size of a Smartphone Bigger if It Can Be Made Smaller?

Why Is the Size of a Smartphone Bigger if It Can Be Made Smaller?, hi when the cell phone first appeared the size was really big and the price was expensive these early cellphones were wasteful of power so it needed a very large battery to function apart from that the electronic components were also quite large at that time

in addition to their brick-like body the cellphone also had an external antenna that long to reach a signal but as time goes on electronic components get smaller and battery capacity increases rapidly internal antennas appear and phones become thinner and lighter as technology advances it seems the 9 cm screen is ideal for most people and we thought it would continue to be small but smart phones modern screens that are less than 14 cm in size rarely get bigger so why do we actually use a smartphone that looks like a tablet when we already know how to make it smaller

Find Out Why Is the Size of a Smartphone Bigger if It Can Be Made Smaller?

one of the reasons is that today’s smartphone cameras can shoot professional-looking movies nal thanks to the high resolution camera to get this kind of image quality the sensor also needs to be bigger the number of cameras also affects the size of the phone because dual cameras require a more durable processor and waste more energy about the processor of modern cellphones more than a million times more powerful than a typical manual computer.

used to send astronauts to the moon in 1969 the processor gave off a lot of heat while it was working because the cooling fan wouldn’t fit in it manufacturers made gadgets that were bigger in size so it dissipates heat faster on powerful modern phones

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heat issues are also one of the reasons why cell phones often made of metal not plastic high resolution video virtual reality games and many other features in today’s smart phones require fast internet that’s why manufacturers add more powerful antennas even phones get bigger you might think

gira cellphones make electricity bills swell because you have to charge them every night but calm down actually smart phones require a little power by charging the cellphone every day the annual cost is less than Rp.

smart phone because the demand is too low but you can unlock the fm tuner how come just use a special application and plug in wired headphones as the antenna is cool there’s a secret trick to extend the battery life of the phone, don’t empty the battery or charge it to the brim immediately charge your phone when the battery is only 30 up to 40% 30 unplug after reaching trust don’t get to 100% this is better for battery history records the first person to call with a cell phone was martin cooper a motorola engineer in 1973 he presented the grenade at a press conference in new york cover called straight away to prove to the public that the device actually works.

His sense of humor is indeed high so he called one of his biggest competitors the joule angle engineer from at&t first words he spoke this joel marty i’m calling you from a mobile phone portable real and greek no hah

the last one is just making it up lol do you feel stressed when you don’t hold your phone or when your phone battery runs out well maybe you suffer from a number phobia or a phobia without a cell phone every time you go somewhere people with this phobia are afraid otherwise that cell phones don’t stir it can be cured, how come the price of modern cellphones is quite expensive, sometimes even more expensive than laptops, but this one phone is super duper expensive, priced at more than 589 billion rupiah, the Falcon Supernova iPhone comes with a gold casing, oh, there’s also diamonds on the back.

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The Size of a Smartphone Bigger

What does bluetooth sound weird? for you this name is silent bil from the name of the king of Denmark and Norway, Hero Blaten, which was incorrectly translated into English as Hero Bluetooth Oh no, how come his teeth are not blue, he is known for his success in uniting the Nordic tribes under his reign.

cell phones that circled the earth lo a few years ago a group of British researchers tested cell phone technology to withstand extreme space conditions they

launched a google nexus cell with a rocket and the cell phone is still there all smart phones are now equipped with selfie cameras but what if you want to take photos wifi but your hand is not long enough to press the button don’t worry if the headphones are wired just use the volume buttons to take photos the camera on a smartphone doesn’t just record and take photos in visible light the camera is actually very sensitive so you can see infrared

you can try it at home take the tv remote point the camera at the remote then press any button your eyes can’t detect it but your cellphone screen will display a flashing light we all know smart phones can read qr codes but cellphones can also read barcodes with applications specially so if you are shopping and can’t find the price of an item using your smartphone

use this trick if you want to turn your phone into a microscope attach the lens from the laser pointer on the phone camera the resulting image will be magnified 100 times you can also record it to get high resolution images according to research there are about 17000 bacteria on our cell phones that’s 10 times more than most toilet seats so better think twice before you use it at the dinner table 90% of all cell phones in Japan are waterproof Japanese people even bring their gadgets in the shower cell phones are water resistant

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the first ir was released in 2005 and since then more and more manufacturers are adapting their ^ to suit this unique custom in china more and more people are using the internet via their mobile or tablet rather than via pc now that smartphones are usually more and can perform the same tasks as computers

Conclusion from Why Is the Size of a Smartphone Bigger if It Can Be Made Smaller?

smartphones are also often more practical to use there are so many useful applications that make our lives easier nowadays about half of our time on digital media is spent using them but research shows that we very rarely try new applications the majority of users in the US don’t download an app per month gprs on mobile does not require internet connection or data plan to function this system consists of 24 satellites orbiting the earth every 12 hours

our cell phone can receive gps signal at almost any point on earth for free the first person to predict p the use of the cell phone was the inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla in 1900 9 in a column assisted by your time he wrote that one day humans will bring cheap listening devices and conditions from anywhere on sea and land hey there’s more gold in a ton of cell phones than in a ton of gold ore so recycling old phones not only helps the environment but also makes us rich wow nice key

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